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Medical Students Making Impacts (MSMI) is a student organization at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Founded in 2001, MSMI is dedicated to educating current and future medical professionals about global health through exposure, involvement and service. By forging long-lasting sustainable relationships with medically underserved communities, MSMI inspires medical students and doctors to recognize their potential in a world of health need.

Your Support Makes Our Work Possible

The generous support of the Virtue Foundation( has allowed for much of our success over the last 4 years. We continue to rely on contributions from nonprofit organizations, charitable foundations, companies and individuals to ensure that we have sufficient funding for our programs.

Our Impact

Public Health/Geriatric Care Trip

Nogales, Arizona, 2009-present

The public health trip to the border town of Nogales, Arizona provides a rare opportunity to learn about global health issues occurring right here in the United States! Working with healthcare providers in local clinics in Mexico and Arizona, students learn about community-centered healthcare delivery in a binational rural setting. Additionally, research conducted on last year’s trip established that community-dwelling older adults regrettably exist as a growing, yet marginalized population with a variety of health concerns. In response, the students and geriatricians participating this year will organize a Senior Health Fair in Santa Cruz County. In partnership with local institutions, the health fair will highlight geriatric care offerings and provide healthcare education to elderly citizens within the community.

Global Health Forum

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

In partnership with the Mount Sinai Global Health Office, MSMI presents a year-long Global Health Career series highlighting the exciting career opportunities for global health physicians. Additionally, global health discussion series are held to provide a forum for reflecting on current controversies in Global Health. Past topics have included the efficacy of public interventions against malaria and the case for medical missions.

Completed Missions

Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Belize, Honduras

Previous missions include trips to Zambia and Zimbabwe to research methods for reducing rates of perinatal HIV transmission in Southern Africa. MSMI also traveled to Nigeria to provide over 1,000 insecticide-treated bednets to residents of Erunmu and educate community members on their use in malaria prevention. In Belize, MSMI helped provide primary care to residents, working in conjunction with community clinics. Finally, our public health trip to Hospital Nacional Mario Cantarino Rivas in Honduras concluded this year. There, MSMI implemented an injury surveillance system in the Emergency Department to collect data on leading causes of morbidity and mortality in San Pedro Sula. This data was analyzed and results were presented to local officials and stakeholders in March 2009.

Women's Health/Surgical Service Trip
San Pedro Sula, Honduras, 2004-present

Medical students, surgeons and anesthesiologists have traveled annually to Honduras since December 2004. Working directly with physicians and staff at Hospital Leonardo Martinez, we provide general and women’s health surgeries free-of-charge, to patients who are unable to afford them. In the past five years, over 200 patients screened by our program have received free operative care. We also collect survey data for the purpose of identifying and abolishing barriers to surgical care. In response to this data, this March we will be conducting the very first gynecological-oncology education seminar for local physicians and nurses at the hospital.

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